Potential of This Land

(Project DMK-UTeM Malacca)

  1. Continue as agriculture and planting Durian Musang King (DMK). Estimate Value / Revenue for the next 45 years: RM18.9 Million

  2. Land size: 6.8 Acres (6 Acres for net planting area)
    DMK Trees / Acre: min 30 to 55 Trees
    DMK Fruiting Life: From year 5 to year 45 (min 30 years)
    DMK Fruit / Tree / year: 100 Fruits to 250 Fruits
    DMK Weight / Fruit: 1kg to 2.5 kg
    Price / kg: RM35 to RM70
    Min Estimate Income: 6 Acres x 30 trees x 30 years x 100 Fruits x 1kg x RM35 = RM18.9 Million

  3. Other Businesses that might be suitable for this location
    1. Develop into mix tourist resort
      1. Hotel, hostel, independent senior home, AirBnB / Homestay.
      2. Full board Food and Beverages
      3. High value animal pets farm (goat, rabbit, arapama, fish, frog, illama)
      4. Special Orchird, ginseng and mini orchard farming.
      5. Can have a 50 feet high of waterfall by using the natural spring water within the land.
      6. *the estimate future business value can be 2 to 3 times more than DMK project. But need capital.

    2. This land is zoned for mix housing development. Owner joint venture with developer for profit sharing with estimate of RM12 million by mirroring the opposite UTeM private hostel project.

    3. Build a sport Arena (Badminton, football, basketball, volleyball) stadium, fishing sport game and outdoor team buliding activities for individuals family and company events.